Featured Shop: Other Times Vintage

Hi! We’re Briar and Jason, partners and operators of Other Times Vintage. We sell mid-century modern furniture, eclectic decor and vintage treasures.


We are based in North Brooklyn, and we travel up and down the East Coast searching for items to fill our shop. Since city life can be grueling, this job is also an escape for us. It gives us the opportunity to go on road trips and adventures every week. We look forward to working each day — it’s exciting. We get in our truck and head out, admiring the landscape, architecture and fresh air as we get a glimpse into people’s lives, present and past.


As lifelong collectors and artists, we both have an eye for aesthetics and a fascination with beauty, which prompted us to open our shop (that, combined with the fact that our Brooklyn apartment was just getting too crowded). After we started Other Times Vintage we realized that we’re great partners. Jason is able to fix anything – his background is working in museums and making art. I studied interior design and I have a knack for product photography.